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Hi, I’m finally back on Love’s Rest, and it’s Christmas Day!  Happy birthday Jesus!

I just got back to the Seattle area, after being in Iceland for 2.5 months, and in Taiwan for 1.5 weeks.  It has been an amazing autumn for me, so action-packed, that I wasn’t able to post freshies here for a while.  Now I am glad to be back in the US to celebrate the holidays, and hopefully I can return to regularly filling this site with devotional goodies.

You can read my Iceland and Taiwan travel log at my main ministry website,

Below is a neat photo I took in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Blessings to you on this day and in 2011.

Night in Reykjavik


Yes, that’s right, I’ll be heading back to Iceland (next Sat) and remain there for 2+ months!  As usual, I’ll be working with the church there, doing lots of worship, and teaching, and praying, etc.  You can read my Iceland prayer letter and please do cover me in your prayers.  I’d really appreciate it!

I am planning to keep up Love’s Rest when I’m over there, so you can look forward to more fresh contents in the coming months.  Blessings and happy soaking!

After over one month of traveling in Taiwan and China, and a couple weeks of rest and recuperation back in Seattle, I am finally back on Love’s Rest again!  It has been a long break.  I am hoping to write a brief report about my trip, at my Light Amp website, soon, and I am planning to start posting fresh contents regularly to Love’s Rest as before.

First, here is a picture of me with family relatives in Fuzhou.

with uncle, cousin, and aunt!

I will be embarking on a month-long ministry trip to East Asia, starting this upcoming Tuesday, so I am not sure if I would be able to post fresh contents on Love’s Rest until mid-July.  However, I will try to keep a travel log of my journey at my website, so you can go there, if you are interested in reading about what I’m doing overseas.

Blessings =D


Playing in China

Playing in China

I just got back from my 2+ weeks of travels.  Check out this picture of me playing abroad.  Click on the photo to see more pics from my trip!

welcome home… a place where you can relax and refresh your spirit.

Draw close to God.
Get intimate with Him.
Drink until you overflow
with His love.

Here are some spiritual nourishments for your soul. Read the devotionals, poems, and songs. Soak and be filled in His presence. Enjoy!

The famous soaking couch

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