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The Riveras


For those of you who are fans of Alberto and Kimberly Rivera‘s soaking music, you can watch more Riveras videos at their Youtube Channel.

Plus, you can subscribe to their channel to get receive notification of new videos whenever they are uploaded.

Again, their official website is at

Happy soaking!

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Alberto and Kimberly

If you, like me, love the anointed soaking music of Alberto and Kimberly Rivera, you can watch some of their live soaking worship videos at their website,

Click here to go straight to their video page.


Watch this beautiful soaking video below, featuring Heidi Baker, the famous missionary in Mozambique, and Alberto and Kimberly Rivera, soaking worship leaders from Tennessee (Alberto is the one on keyboard), ministering together at TACF back in 2006.

I had an amazing trip and time up in Toronto at TACF.  The leaders/speakers/musicians–the Riveras, Joshua Mills, John and Carol Arnott, Duncan Smith, etc.–all of them were so anointed and in sync with the Holy Spirit.  The worship was deep, and there was a lot of signs and wonders (including gold dust appearing on people’s hands).  And, many people got miraculously healed from their infirmities.  It was a blessed week, I spend a lot of time on the carpet soaking, and I received a lot from the LORD.  Also, special thanks to Faustin and Marina for hosting me during that time.

Now that I’m back home in the Northwest, I am planning to resume posting fresh devotional contents here at Love’s Rest.  So stay tuned!

I’m spending this week up here in Toronto, Canada, attending the first ever TACF School of Missions with John Arnott, Duncan Smith, and Heidi Baker, and the Realms of Glory conference with HB, Joshua Mills, and Alberto and Kimberly Rivera.

We have just completed the Missions School, which was fantastic!  Being my first time here at TACF, I am experiencing and receiving fresh impartation of God’s love, power, and Spirit.  Praise the Lord!  Now, we are moving on to Realms of Glory.  interestingly, the first session of the conference will be a live soaking session with Ruth Fazal on the violin!

I have soaked to Ruth’s CDs over the past years, and it will be my first time seeing her play live.  We are in for a great time in the presence of God!  The Riveras will be here tomorrow, and I am excited to be able to see them again.

Blessings from Toronto!

welcome home… a place where you can relax and refresh your spirit.

Draw close to God.
Get intimate with Him.
Drink until you overflow
with His love.

Here are some spiritual nourishments for your soul. Read the devotionals, poems, and songs. Soak and be filled in His presence. Enjoy!

The famous soaking couch

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