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Tierra Nueva!

This upcoming Wednesday (12/2/09), at 7:30 pm, I will playing/leading an instrumental soaking set with Sara Wevodau at Tierra Nueva, in Burlington, WA.

I will be playing my 5-string electric violin, while Sara will be on the piano.  We are planning to play the same spontaneous, Holy Spirit-led style music as we did last time, when I came up to TN in September.

So, if you are in the area, feel free to come out to soak!  The address and directions to TN are at their website, which you can access by clicking on the photo above.  Hope to see you there!


The Our Daily Bread instrumental music series is perfect for soaking and entering into Father God’s love and rest.  I love the instrumentation on all of Our Daily Bread CD’s.  They are well-done, peaceful, and anointed.

To check out Our Daily Bread: Hymns of Comfort, just click on the album cover image to your left.  You can learn more about the music and purchase at that link.

Blessings and happy soaking!

This soaking album is Alberto and Kimberly Rivera’s all-time bestseller.  When you listen to it you will understand why.  This CD contains both Kimberly’s amazing prophetic singing, and keyboard instrumental segments by Alberto.  When I first received this album I soaked to it every day for over a month.  It’s that good.

To learn more about this CD, to order it online, and/or to purchase and download the mp3s, just click on the album cover on the left!

welcome home… a place where you can relax and refresh your spirit.

Draw close to God.
Get intimate with Him.
Drink until you overflow
with His love.

Here are some spiritual nourishments for your soul. Read the devotionals, poems, and songs. Soak and be filled in His presence. Enjoy!

The famous soaking couch

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Come to me,
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and I will give you rest.

Matt 11:28


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