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Here is a great video of a live soaking worship session I did with my friend Thora in her home recording studio in Reykjavik, Iceland, last December.  Thora was on keyboard and I (obviously) was on my electric violin.  Bjossi, Thora’s husband, recorded the video.  Happy soaking!


This past year I have been listening and soaking to Julie True’s Sounds of Healing, a lot.  It’s that good.

I would say it is pretty much a “much-have” if you are building your own soaking music library.  I love her voice and her music, and her team’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

This album is deep, refreshing, and indeed, healing to the spirit, soul, and body.  Just click on the album cover photo to the left to order the CD!


I just returned to the States from Canada this past Sunday night.  I had an amazing time at Singing Waters Ministries, in Orangeville, Ontario.  It is a very peaceful, beautiful place, full of the love, joy, and presence of God.  They have been open for over 54 years now, restoring wounded hearts and releasing healing to the nations, and you can sense the anointing in the land as you walk leisurely in the open fields (50+ acres of woods, meadows, and hills).

The Healing Encounter was powerful, and I received several personal breakthroughs.  Praise God!  I also made some new friends there.  Overall, it was a precious time in the Lord.  I would highly recommend the Healing Encounter to anyone who is interested.  Hopefully I can go back in the future, as God leads.

Below are a couple photos from my days there.  To view the rest of my pictures, just go to my flickr album.

The Valley at Singing Waters

Walking on the River

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I will be heading to Singing Waters Ministries in Canada to attend a Healing Encounter next week, so I may not be able to post to Love’s Rest as often I’d like in the next few days.

It has been sort of a dream of mine to go to Singing Waters.  I have heard much about this place, and now finally I will be going!  I do trust that God will meet me there.  I will be going to receive all that He has for me, and what that looks like exactly I do not know.  I know that He is trustworthy.  Below is a photo of Singing Waters that I got off their website.

Singing Waters

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Julie True is one of my favorite soaking worship leader.  Read her description of soaking below.  You can check out her music at her website.

Soaking can encompass many things. It’s a time to quiet the soul, but to be awakened in the spirit to hear the heart of God in that moment, and to interact with Him in a very personal way. Soaking time for me is always associated with music. It can be music that is sung, or music that is instrumental, but it is always music that comes to life because of what Holy Spirit is doing in that moment.

Music that is birthed in the Presence of God without having been previously composed, is typically referred to as a “spontaneous song”. A spontaneous song is music that has never been heard before by anyone, including the one who sings or plays it.

Soaking music takes us outside the boundaries of traditional worship music. It is a time of total freedom to express my love for my Father God, and for Him to express His love for me. My expressions to Him can encompass many things……………praise, adoration, intimate worship, joy, celebration, thankfulness, composed songs, spontaneous songs, with words, without words…..

Above all, soaking is a time of connecting spirit to spirit and heart to heart with the one who loves us like no other, and who created us to have relationship with Him. Soaking is an authentic interactive experience with God that has no expectations or limitations typically found in our modern worship meetings. What I mean by this is that most worship experiences in the modern church are made up of singing songs that have a couple of verses, then we sing the chorus a couple of times, end the song, and go to the next song.

In a time of soaking we might sing the same song for 20 minutes as we “soak in” and receive new depths of connection with the words we are singing. It’s an expansion of expression that permeates traditional lines that have been drawn in defining what worship is, or should be.

Soaking is a time of total freedom in the spirit…..a time to make time to be saturated by the Presence of God…..a time to breathe Him in and soak Him in to every cell of our being. It’s a time to be still and know that God is God……a time to cease striving in any way and to lay my burdens at the feet of Jesus. It’s a time to receive fresh healing in my body and soul, and to fix my eyes on Jesus…..a time to rest in the shadow of God’s wings, and to know His peace that passes understanding…..a time to hear His whispers of love for me and to allow time for that love to completely overtake me.

Happy Soaking…..


welcome home… a place where you can relax and refresh your spirit.

Draw close to God.
Get intimate with Him.
Drink until you overflow
with His love.

Here are some spiritual nourishments for your soul. Read the devotionals, poems, and songs. Soak and be filled in His presence. Enjoy!

The famous soaking couch

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