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by my friend Clara Liu


I want to bless you with a wonderful Father’s Day experience today, that you will encounter our Father God in a profound way, and receive a deeper revelation of His love for you.

Thank you, Father God, for meeting our every needs, as every good gift comes from You!

I also want to thank my earthly father, for being the great dad that he is, encouraging me and supporting me through the years.  Dad, you are greatly loved and appreciated!

click to enter the website has been created by Father Heart Communications to host inspirational videos and live webcasts to inspire and help you grow in the life-changing love of your heavenly Father.

Check it out, watch and be transformed by Daddy God!

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Abba Love conference

It’s coming!  Heidi will be at Christ Church Kirkland on 4/13-14.  If you are in the Seattle area, don’t miss it!  Just click on the flyer above for more info.

Please pray for Haiti, for the victims of the earthquake to be miraculously healed, and raise from the dead!  Pray that food/medical supplies that have arrived would be distributed efficiently and effectively to the needy.  And pray for more aid to arrive as well!

Father God, release thousands of more angels to help with the relief and restoration of Haiti!

We need to pray both for God to move supernaturally (in multiplying food, sustaining lives of those who are still in desperate conditions, etc.), and for God to strengthen the human relief efforts organizationally (more resources and trained teams coming in and reaching those in need, to alleviate the crisis)

Here are three trustworthy mercy organizations that you can donate to–

Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, and World Vision.

Pray for believers over there who are assisting in the relief effort to minister appropriately with wisdom and compassion.  Amen.

welcome home… a place where you can relax and refresh your spirit.

Draw close to God.
Get intimate with Him.
Drink until you overflow
with His love.

Here are some spiritual nourishments for your soul. Read the devotionals, poems, and songs. Soak and be filled in His presence. Enjoy!

The famous soaking couch

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Come to me,
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and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.

Matt 11:28


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