Sam and Sara

We had a wonderful night of soaking in Daddy God’s presence last Wed at Tierra Nueva (in Burlington, WA).  It was my second time playing with Sara, and it was an amazing set again.

This time, we had a chance to talk beforehand about how we would like to flow musically in the Holy Spirit.  How she would create “space” for me to roam freely on my electric violin, and vice versa for her to “solo” more on the piano.  Of course, as what we play is all spontaneously improvised, it is hard to “plan” in advance!

It was a very restful, peaceful set, and people were blessed and touched by the LORD.  Sara and I played for more than an hour, and we ended up on “Be Thou My Vision” to close the set.  I was glad that some of my friends from the Seattle area drove up to hear us, and God did not disappoint them.

Here are some  more pictures from that night.

Soaking at Tierra Nueva

Sara on piano

Samuel on violin