Scarcely had I passed them when I found Him whom my soul loves.

I held Him, and would not let Him go…

Song of Solomon 3:4


When the Bride (the church and the individual believer), in her search for her lover (Jesus), finally finds Him, she held Him.

Here, she did not just greet Him, shake His hand, or give Him a quick, friendly hug. She held Him.   She did not engage Him in conversation, peppering Him with a list of prayer requests or petitions.   She did not question Him.  She just held Him.  She did not politely courtesy, she did not stand afar off, she did not care if others saw her approach Him in public.  She did not follow protocol.  She held Him.   She held Him.  She held Him.  She held Him.  She held Him.  And she would not let Him go.

Notice that the Bride did not fear Him. The Bride had no doubt who she is in her relationship to Him.  She did not have to speak a word or ask for permission.   She knew Him, and she knew that He loved her.   There was nothing tentative about the Bride’s action.  She was confident in love.

In our personal times of trial and pain, we cry out to Jesus, and to Father God, to hold us.   We beckon the Holy Spirit to comfort us.   In difficult circumstances, it is essential that we rush into the loving, tender arms of Father God, into the gentle embrace of Jesus, and not slip out of the security of His presence, for His Name is a strong tower that the righteous run into (Proverbs 18:10).

However, there is a big difference between coming to God in brokenness, and coming to God in hot pursuit of intimacy.   In our weakness He holds us and heals us with His love.   In our passion we hold Him and minister to Him with our love.  Unashamed, the Bride expresses her wild affection for her lover, without waiting for Him to initiate their interaction.  She is not passive, but aggressive in romance!

It is easy to picture God holding us, but us holding God?   Yes, God desires to be held!  Are we confident in love?  Or do we still come into His presence tentatively?  Intimacy produces boldness, and Jesus is not anticipating a shy Bride!   Let us become confident lovers of God.   As we hold Him in our arms, we know exactly how He feels about us.