By Samuel Liu

In the secret place or in a corporate gathering, we can encounter God by engaging in different “positions” such as waiting, standing, watching, calling, listening, resting, and many more. Each of these “position” is biblical (with references in Scripture), and each requires the participants to align their spirit, soul, and body in a different manner to encounter God.

These positions are all “active” postures of engaging God, though resting is an active posture different from the others. To delve and explore each position would take many books and pages, and I would encourage you to study each one on your own in your personal Bible study time.

As you daily enter into the secret place, you can first ask the Holy Spirit what position He would like you to be in. And when you receive the answer, you can align your spirit, soul, and body in that position, and have great expectation of experiencing all that God has for you during that secret time!

Sometimes, the Lord will have us maintain a particular position in the secret place day after day, for weeks or months, for even entire seasons of our lives! The reason is so that we can receive all that God has for us, through us being obedient in that position. Each position is a channel that God uses to reveal a different aspect of Himself to us, to reveal a different aspect of the kingdom of God, and/or to lead us in different aspects of spiritual warfare.

Through waiting we can come to know the God of hope, the God who is faithful, and the God who is never late. Through watching we can see what God sees, gain eternal perspective, and understand the signs of the time (Matt 16:3). And through resting we can cast all our cares and burdens upon Him, experience the Father’s love, and receive healing and restoration for our souls (Ps 23:2-3). These are just some examples of what we can learn by being in these positions.

There is so much more that we can receive from God. Let us all learn to engage God in these different positions, and encounter Him like never before.