Everyday, when we get up in the morning, what is the most important event in our schedule? Is it going to work? Going to school? Hanging out with friends afterwards? The family dinner? A date with someone special? Or even a Bible study or prayer meeting?

For some of us, the most important event in our day is always a group activity, whether with family or close friends. And for some of us, the Christian meetings and activities we attend are easily the highlights of our weekly schedule. But are these events really the most significant moments in our lives? No, the most important event in our daily schedule is actually the time when we are alone in the “secret place” with God (Matt 6:6), without distraction, without “intruders.”

The most important moments in our lives are always secret, one-on-one encounters. We glimpse it through a couple’s honeymoon pictures, a mother nursing her baby at home, an athlete training with his coach in the gym, a father teaching his son to swim at the lake, a counselor helping a young girl with her homework…

We see the fruit in public. The results of these secret meetings are displayed to the world, and glory is revealed. But the results themselves are not as important as the secret moments, because it is in secret where deep relationships are cultivated.

The most significant, central event in our daily schedule is our time spent with God in secrecy, where we cultivate our relationship with Him. There is no intimacy without secrecy, and there is no intimacy without transparency. When we meet with God we come with our hearts wide open, vulnerable and unashamed.

We need to rearrange our daily schedule so that we don’t miss out on the central event. We need to organize our lives so that everything revolves around the central event. The highlight of every single day of our lives is our personal encounter with God. It is the peak of our daily schedule. No group activity can replace it. No church meeting can match it. No other secret encounters come close to it. Let each of us experience the central event, everyday of our lives.