This is a great book that I read years ago.  It’s a classic in Christian literature.  Richard Foster does a wonderful job in laying out to  the reader the purposes and benefits of the spiritual disciplines, such as meditation, prayer, fasting, and solitude.

Even though the focus of Love’s Rest–soaking, resting in God, and intimacy with the Father, doesn’t sound like the traditional spiritual disciplines, it is obvious to us that to enter into the presence of God on a daily basis, to cultivate an intimate relationship with Him in the secret place, do require a lot of self-discipline!

Even as the terms “soaking” or “resting” is not described in Celebration of Disciplines, it is similar (and closely related) to four disciplines Foster discuss in the book.  They are meditation, prayer, simplicity, and solitude.  So just grab yourself a copy of this book and dive in.  To learn more about the book, and order it online, just click on the book cover above!