Since yesterday, I have surprised myself in how much I have been able to build into this website!  The contents (devotionals, poetry, photography, songs, and reviews) will increase week by week, but the core foundations of the site are already in place.

What are the core foundations?  You ask.  The core foundations are the featured Love’s Rest Pages that are accessible at the very top of the home page–the About this place, Samuel’s vision, and What is soaking? pages.

The information in these pages are essential for the visitor to read, in order to attain a clear understanding of the heart of this unique devotional site, and the purpose of its existence.

I trust that you will enjoyed the completed pages of the site (I don’t think I’ll add anymore).  The vibrant photos on each page links directly to the part of the world depicted in the scenery (and yes, these are my photography, I didn’t just grab them from somewhere on the web).

Also, I hope you will explore the various links I have placed, on the sidebar and peppered around the site.  I am a big “links” person, and the links I have chosen to connect with are the ones that reflects my interests, values, and visions.  May these links edify you in new ways.  Be blessed!